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The Sister Brand empowers women entrepreneurs to stop dreaming and start DOING. Whether you’re just starting out, or feeling a bit stale - we’ll help reshape and inspire your company's brand and direction. After a major strategy session we call BRAND PREP, you’ll walk away inspired and armed with a plan to hit the ground running. Need more? Our Brand Design services customizes a plan of attack to level up your business. The Sister Brand creates and oversees your brand strategy, all while working with tried-and true, women-led companies to create your brand identity, website, marketing, social media content, and more! 


Stop thinking & start DOING.
The Sister Brand sets you up for success with BRAND PREP - your ace in the hole to launch or revamp your BIZ.



The Sister Brand customizes kick-ass BRAND STRATEGIES to take your biz to the next level. What's included in Brand Prep? Everything you need to hit the ground running:

- a 1 on 1 strategy session to identify your goals
- custom brand identity kit
- brand colours, textures, & details to make your brand POP
- a suggested logo style 
- an audit of your social media & website
- templates for social media
- suggested direction for marketing 
- connections to tried-and-true creative professionals such as graphic artists and web designers
*Further mentorship and design services are available and quoted on a per-project basis.

Brand Prep

“Lana and Laura.... remember these names because they are on a mission to change the world!!! When I met "the sisters" last year at an event in Calgary I was instantly drawn to them, more like a girl crush!!! For real though, they are amazing!!! From the moment I met them I knew there was something special about them. These women are game changers and dream chasers that inspire the community around them. They are known to many as "the woman up sisters", but they are so much more than that. They are designers, business owners, and sisters who have created and grown a sisterhood of women around them. I am so honoured to not only know them, but have them in my corner cheering me on in my own journey! If you have not had an opportunity to meet "the sisters", add it to your bucket list - you won't regret it.... you can thank me later!” 

- Jenn Rowles, Founder of My Personal Concierge YYC


“Laura and Lana have a creative strength that has guided and encouraged me to expand my vision and ideas, in turn, helping grow and develop my business. Their strength in branding and their passion for supporting women shines through in their input, attention to detail, and support of clients.” 

- Lisa Webb, Founder of Wine, Women & Well-Being


”When it comes to design and thinking outside the box, Laura and Lana are your answer! They make the process very simple and create designs sure to take your breath away. Working alongside them is fun and easy!” 

- Janine Stanton, Founder of OCD by Stanton




Think of this opportunity as an audit of what you’re marketing to the world. Before we meet, we’ll pore over your website, social media, logos, etc. and come armed with constructive feedback to help you level up your brand. We’ll talk about what could be missing/awkward/need help from the consumer’s POV, and point you in the right direction (all the while reminding you that you’re a badass, and you’ve got this!) 

What can I expect from my Brand Prep consultation?

Ok, I loved my Brand Prep - what’s the next step if I want Brand Design?

What is the investment for Brand Design?

There’s nothing we love more than seeing a brand come to life! We believe a well-designed, cohesive platform is key in creating a kickass brand. We’ll customize a design strategy specifically for your brand - then oversee everything from website design and graphics, to marketing and content creation. 

What can I expect from my Brand Prep consultation?

Ok, I loved my Brand Prep - what’s the next step if I want Brand Design?

What is the investment for Brand Design?

The Sister Brand will customize a plan to optimize your return on investment. We’ll discuss priorities for your specific needs and goals, then work with the right experts for your brand (many who offer TSB-exclusive discounts!) Our fee is a flat-rate based on an agreed-upon scope of work.

What can I expect from my Brand Prep consultation?

Ok, I loved my Brand Prep - what’s the next step if I want Brand Design?

What is the investment for Brand Design?


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