find your FIRE.



✔️ You're feeling STUCK - you need direction

✔️ You're lacking the confidence to move forward

✔️ You've had lots of coaching calls, but you're still not getting what you need

✔️ You want MORE, but something's holding you back

✔️ Your biz isn't performing/your hard work and investment isn't translating

✔️ You're fresh off a major life change and feel lost


✔️Two creative, approachable, EMPOWERING women
in your corner

✔️Advice based on experience in education, business, communications, and marketing

 ✔️Real-world connections to help facilitate your path forward

✔️Immediate, tangible takeaways to implement your new direction

✔️ DOs and DON'Ts in influencing, design, branding, and business 

The Sister Brand customizes kick-ass STRATEGIES to take you to the next level. Whether it's life, biz, or both - your new sisters are armed with wine and ready to reveal a whole new perspective and path forward. 

Since 2019, Lana and Laura have supported hundreds of women in designing their lives - their homes, businesses, and mindsets.

  • we'll review your answers to our comprehensive questionnaire before we meet, so we can hit the ground running 
  • you'll get honest feedback from our perspective about what's working and what's not...
  • we'll delve into what's holding you back (even if you don't know)
  • we'll provide you with the tools, resources, and connections to get excited about 


  • The original BRAND AUDIT is BACK!
  • We dive deep into your brand and online presence. We'll give you direction on your logos, social media, website, SEO, and more...
  • Are all facets of your company talking to each other? We'll look at brand consistency, relevancy, and what's missing
  • Are you showing up authentically and with intent? Are you standing out in the crowd, or fading away? We'll show you where you're rising up and where you're falling short
  • All of our custom advice and takeaways come packaged up in a nice little digital PDF for easy reference
  • You'll get access to our team of tried-and-true branding experts to implement any changes you might need 
  • Plus, a 1 hour recorded Zoom call to discuss your FULL brand review to discuss ALLLLLL the things...

FULL BRAND audit $797

  • A 3 minute, recorded video overview of your brand sent to you via email 
  • We'll point out what's working and what's not - our first impression of your branding
  • We'll give you some quick, tangible tweaks to immediately level-up your brand
  • Don't worry, we're here to lift you up not tear you down... 
  • 10% discount off an Empowerment Call or full Brand Audit if you want to kick things up a notch!

3-Minute BRAND AUDIT $87

Looking for transformation? Sisterhood is a phone call away. Let's chat about what's holding you back...
  • 1 hour of consultation time via Zoom
  • A comprehensive, full-picture plan to move you in the right direction
  • Customized connections and suggestions aligned with your goals 
  • Subsequent follow-up calls at a reduced price of $187 per session

the POWER CALL $297


Heck no! We want to support you in all areas of your life. We're here to help you uncover what's holding you back and facilitate the connections and pathways to build your confidence!

Are POWER CALLS limited to entrepreneurs?

Can I gift your services?

Do you still offer interior design services?

Damn, do we love design! Often, interiors can play a part in designing your life! While we still work with select home builders, our focus is currently on our supporting our community of women through 1:1 brand, business & life coaching. If you're looking to change things up and just need a sounding board, then our POWER CALL could be right for you... DM us to chat further!

Are your POWER CALLS limited to entrepreneurs?

Do you still offer interior design services?

Can I gift your services?

“Lana and Laura.... remember these names because they are on a mission to change the world!!! When I met "the sisters" last year at an event in Calgary I was instantly drawn to them, more like a girl crush!!! For real though, they are amazing!!! From the moment I met them I knew there was something special about them. These women are game changers and dream chasers that inspire the community around them. They are known to many as "the woman up sisters", but they are so much more than that. They are designers, business owners, and sisters who have created and grown a sisterhood of women around them. I am so honoured to not only know them, but have them in my corner cheering me on in my own journey! If you have not had an opportunity to meet "the sisters", add it to your bucket list - you won't regret it.... you can thank me later!” 


- Jenn rowles, founder of my personal concierge

“Laura and Lana have a creative strength that has guided and encouraged me to expand my vision and ideas, in turn, helping grow and develop my business. Their strength in branding and their passion for supporting women shines through in their input, attention to detail, and support of clients.” 

- Lisa Webb, Founder of Wine, Women & Well-Being


”When it comes to design and thinking outside the box, Laura and Lana are your answer! They make the process very simple and create designs sure to take your breath away. Working alongside them is fun and easy!” 

- Janine Stanton, Founder of OCD by Stanton