the faces behind the BRAND.

Lana & Laura

The Sister Brand is founded on the idea that life is for making, not settling. We're Lana and Laura - real sisters challenging you to DESIGN YOUR LIFE.  We know firsthand how it feels to be STUCK - to have no direction.  And we're here to tell you, you already have ALL the answers.

You just need to connect the missing dots!

The Sister Brand Inc. was borne of a passion for being of service. We've both worn a lot of hats in our careers: educator, journalist, event planner, social media manager, communications specialist, entrepreneur... 

but at our core,
           we knew we were meant for MORE.

We MANIFESTED a new path for ourselves, stepping outside of our comfort zones and into new possibility. We trademarked our signature WOMAN UP™ apparel line, and welcomed opportunity like it was a glass of pinot noir (yes PLEASE!) and you know what happened? We found ourselves sharing our journey on stage; meeting and working with iconic, transformative women; our apparel line went viral; and our "shift" began to happen. 

We want that shift for you - just wait until you see what's possible. Welcome to the sisterhood. 

xo, L+L

Manifest that sh!t


You might be thinking "you can't just wake up one day and change your life..." 
But we're here to tell you,

let's do this!


Connect with us and together, let's strategize a game plan to help you get UNSTUCK!